Morphology, Secoiridoid Content and RAPD Analysis of Plants Regenerated from Callus of Centaurium erythraea RAFN

Journal title

Acta Biologica Cracoviensia s. Botanica




vol. 53


No 2



Centaurium erythraea Rafn. ; somaclonal variations ; shoot culture ; secoiridoid glycosides ; indirect organogenesis

Divisions of PAS

Nauki Biologiczne i Rolnicze


Biological Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Cracow Branch




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DOI: 10.2478/v10182-011-0030-3 ; ISSN 0001-5296 ; eISSN 1898-0295


Acta Biologica Cracoviensia s. Botanica; 2011; vol. 53; No 2


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