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This paper proposes a new dc-side active filter for wind generators that combines 12-pulse polygon auto-transformer rectifier with dc-side current injection method and dual-buck full-bridge inverter having not the “shoot-through” problem in conventional bridge-type inverters, and therefore this system with the character low harmonic distortion and high reliability. The proposed dc-side active filter is realized by using dual-buck full bridge converter, which directly injects compensation current at dc-side of two six-pulse diode bridges rectifiers. Compared with the conventional three-phase active power filter at ac-side, the system with the dc-side active filter draws nearly sinusoidal current by shaping the diode bridges output current to be triangular without using the instantaneous reactive power compensation technology, only using simple hysteretic current control, even though under load variation and unbalanced voltage disturbances, and while an acceptable linear approximation to the accurate waveform of injection current is recommended. The perfor- mance of the system was simulated using MATLAB/Simulink, and the possibility of the dc-side active filter eliminating current harmonics was confirmed in steady and transient states. The simulation results indicate, the system has a total harmonic distortion of current reduced closely to 1%, and a high power factor on the wind generator side.
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